Apartment living – more convenient and attractive than ever!

Giveaway that home and garden maintenance

Apartment living is perfect for those who do not want the responsibilities and inconvenience of maintaining a house, garden, and grounds.  With increasing demands on our precious time and resources, many people no longer want the burdens of an aging home to maintain, clean and repair, lawns to mow or an overgrown garden to tend.  As people transition through different stages of life such as children moving away to college or into their homes, upmarket apartment living can become much more attractive.

Resort style amenities

Boutique apartment complexes often come with the benefits of manicured grounds and residents’ amenities, such as swimming pools, saunas, spa areas, barbecue areas, gymnasiums and residents’ lounges for social events.  When you consider the cost-savings in gym and club memberships, having such resort style amenities within your apartment complex is a very attractive bonus which would allow you to relax and entertain yourself while you are still in your home, so there is no need to search for relaxation centers. However, it requires large areas.

Save time, stress and money on commuting

Quality apartment buildings are often located in or near the center of cities and towns, within walking distance or a short commute to the office. Imagine trading your two-hour daily commute for a relaxed breakfast at home with your loved ones, catching up on the news and a leisurely stroll to work! And at the end of the day, no hour-long battle through commuter traffic and missing a nice family dinner at home – you can already be at home, relaxing in the sauna or the gym, before most people have pulled into their garage in the suburbs.  At Apartments in Clackamas OR, all this can be yours, and for less than you imagine.

Proximity to cafes, bars, and restaurants

Ever gone out for a fabulous dinner with friends in the city, and had to face the long drive home afterward, when you’re tired and perhaps had one too many to drink? Ever envied your city-based friends who could take a quick cab ride or leisurely stroll home to their city apartment?  Or maybe you’d just like to be able to pop out for a quiet drink or coffee with friends on the weekend, without the hassle of trying to find a car park in the city.  Apartment living can provide you with easy access to a vibrant social life on your doorstep, to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Increasing value of apartments

The well-located quality apartment complexes, such as apartments in Clackamas OR, continue to increase in value, due to their central location and range of amenities. Let’s face it, land in central city locations around the world is constantly increasing in value, and there’s no more land being made. An investment in a boutique apartment complex will provide you with an ever-increasing asset and options should your circumstances change. You can either readily lease the property out, or sell at a handsome profit in years to come.

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